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Experience our Wide Range of Authentic Thai Massages


Improves the Quality of your Sleep
Reduces Tension in your Muscles
Relieves Stress and Headaches
Promotes Deep Relaxation


List of our signature treatments
60 min R999 per couple
60 min R549 per person 

Full Body Massage + Foot Scrub + Body Stretching + Cupping + Green Tea

Lanna Massage
60 min R550
90 min R750 
120 min R950

Traditional Thai yoga massage with Aromatic oil + foot scrub.

Aroma Thai Hot Oil
60 min R520
90 min R720 
120 min R870

Delicate Therapeutic massage using hot oils.

Aroma Thai
60 min R500
90 min R700 
120 min R850

A gentle therapeutic massage for total relaxation using oils.

Herbal Compress
90 min R900 | 120min R1200

Heated Thai herbs applied to muscle points.

Hot Stone
90 min R780 | 120 min R900

Hot stones applied to release tension.

Sports Massage
60 min R620 | 90min R780 | 120min R920

Deep massage to soothe the muscles after workout.

30 min R400 | 60 min R550

Exfoliation cleansing mask with a face massage.

Back, Neck & Shoulders
30 min R320 | 60 min R500 | 90 min R700 | 120 min R850

Massage for tension & stress release for headaches & intense neck & shoulder pain

Reflexology Foot Massage
30 min R320| 60 min R500 | 90 min R700

Stress & tension release by gentle applying pressure to acupuncture points

Body Scrub
90 min R780 | 120min R980

Body exfoliation and skin rejuvenation with aroma oil massage

Combo Massage
60 min R550 | 90 min R750

Back, neck, shoulders and foot massage

Hot Deal Packages

Foot Scrub & [Choose 1 Option]

Option 1
90 min Hot Oil Massage + 60 min Foot Massage

Option 2
120 min Body scrub + Aroma Thai + 30 min Foot Massage

Option 3
90 min Lanna Massage + 30 min Head Massage + 30 min Foot Massage

Option 4
90 min Sports Massage + 60 min Foot

Option 5
90 min Hot Oil Massage + 60 min Facial

R1250 per person
R2400 per couple






What Our Fantastic Customers Say

"We had the best Thai Massage. My husband has a back problem and we searched the entire JHB for Thai Massage Therapists and we found Pinki and Bibi at Passara. The place is neat and employees are professional."

B Mehlomakulu

My husband and I did a 2.5 hour Full Body Massage and Reflexology. It was an amazing experience. Felt so fresh & rejuvenated.

Highly recommend Passara Wellness Spa.

Excellent service. We had such a warm welcome. The staff was friendly. Will definitely be going back soon. Thank you guys for a fabulous experience.
F Lockhat

F Lockhat

I have visited the spa 3 times. I love their treatment. I am very energetic, no more tension headaches. Friendly therapists. It is like going to the Doctor and coming back healed and healthy. I will visit often, this is my new way of destressing.

P Maphumulo

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Experience our Wide Range of Authentic Thai Massages 

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